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Below is an overview of the application process to become a POST certified peace officer. Download this How Do I Become a POST Certified Peace Officer? document for more details. 

  1. Submit an application for certification with the help of your employing agency or in coordination with a regional police academy if you are a pre-service candidate. 
    • The agency or academy will assist you with completing the application in the POST Data Gateway system. 
    • Supporting documentation for the following requirements must be uploaded with your application:
      • Proof of Age
      • Proof of Citizenship
      • Proof of Education
      • Proof of Previous Out-of-State Law Enforcement (If applicable)
      • Military DD214 or Letter of Good Standing (If applicable)
      • Entrance Exam Results
      • Affidavit of a Physical Exam by a Licensed Physician
      • Psychological Evaluation Results
      • Fingerprints
      • Personal History Release
      • Code of Ethics
    • The completed application must be attested by you and the agency/academy. 
  2. Once your application is completed and attested by you and the agency/academy, the application will be processed by the POST Certification Division staff. 
    • If the application is complete and meets all POST requirements, the application will be approved. 
    • If the application is incomplete or needs corrections, the application will be sent back to the candidate and agency/academy for corrections. 
      • After corrections are made, you and the agency/academy must attest the application again.
  3. The approval process begins again. 

NOTE: POST requires certification applications to be submitted for approval at least ten calendar days prior to the start of a basic mandate course. This requirement allows ample time for review and corrections prior to the start of the course. If an application needs to be submitted in less than 10 days prior to the start of a basic course, a rush processing fee can be paid to expedite review of the application.

To register as a new user in our system, go to the POST Data Gateway and click the Register Now button. Follow the onscreen directions to create your online account.

For detailed instructions, download this How Do I Register as a New User document.  

To get a training waiver, you must submit an application in the POST Data Gateway. Additionally, you may be required to pay fees for your training waiver application. For detailed instructions, download this How Do I Apply for a Waiver document. 

POST accepts the Accuplacer (preferred), ASSET, and COMPASS tests for entrance exam purposes. These tests are administered at technical colleges across the state. 

  1. Find a testing location using the Technical College Directory. Contact your preferred site for scheduling and cost information. 

  2. Print, fill out and take the Entrance Examination Access Form to your test. 

  3. Ensure you allot two hours to complete your test. Results will be available immediately. 

  4. The results must be attached to your POST application.

Your fingerprints will be processed through the electronic Georgia Applicant Processing Service (GAPS) managed by Fieldprint. Download this Fingerprinting Procedures document for detailed instructions. 

You can reprint your certificate, wallet card, and Executive Director letter from your POST Data Gateway demographics page.

  1. Once you have logged into the Gateway, navigate to your demographics page.
  2. Scroll down to the “OFFICER CERTIFICATIONS” section.
  3. Click “LETTER” to view and print an additional certificate, wallet card, and Executive Director letter. 

You can print your fact sheet your POST Data Gateway demographics page.

  1. Log into your Gateway account and navigate to your demographics page.
  2. Click the “FACT SHEET” button located at the top of the demographics page. This will bring up your fact sheet to view and print.

If you need a certified transcript (fact sheet) for a college submission or other purpose, please contact the GA POST Council Records Custodian at (470) 707-2462. Fees may be applicable for certified transcripts.

To recover your login information, click the “Forgot User Name or Password?” link on the login screen of the POST Data Gateway. Your login information will be sent to the email you have added to your profile in the POST Data Gateway system.

You can also contact your POST Data Gateway Agency Administrator to assist you with your username or password. Agency Administrators are usually the agency head or a designated administrator within the agency.

If you still need assistance with your login information, contact the POST Help Desk at or by calling (770)-732-5604.

Georgia POST issues two types of Retired Officer Credentials: a Retired Officer Credentials Identification (ID) Card and Annual Firearms Qualification for Retired Officers (HR218).

For more information and detailed instructions, go to the Retired Credentials page.

Reference: POST Rule 464-8, Hearings

This is a brief overview of how to file an appeal. Download How Do I Appeal a POST Decision? for additional instructions and fee information.

Note: Failure to properly file a timely appeal will result in:

    • Dismissal of your appeal; and
    • Council action will become final.

To request a pre-hearing conference after the Probable Cause Committee’s initial decision or to request a hearing at OSAH after service of the Council’s proposed action, you must submit the following within 30 calendar days:

  • A clearly written expression that you want the opportunity to appeal the Council’s decision.
  • File a written response admitting or denying each and every allegation in the Case Summary. The response must be under oath (signed in front of a notary public).
  • Include the required Administrative Fee. (see How do I Appeal a POST Decision?)
  • Mail the appeal and response by Certified Mail to the attention of:

Director Julie Bradley
Georgia POST Council
P. O. Box 349
Clarkdale, Georgia 30111
Phone: (404) 304-1331

If you are a POST certified officer, you can get POST training credit by submitting a copy of your completion documentation (e.g. your certificate) and the number of training hours completed (e.g. the training agenda). Use this Training Submission Cover Sheet to ensure proper processing.

In accordance with POST Rule 464-18-.01, a former officer whose certification or registration is in a revoked or surrendered status, or an applicant whose application for certification has been denied, may petition the Georgia POST Council for reinstatement or reconsideration after a minimum of two (2) years/twenty-four (24) calendar months in the revoked, surrendered, or denied status. 

The petition must be in writing and contain the following information:

  1. Full Name, Address, Telephone Number & Social Security Number of the petitioner.
  2. A clearly written statement(s) providing reason(s) why the petitioner’s certification, or registration, should be restored or the application should be reconsidered.
  3. Any supporting documents or witnesses the petitioner wishes the Council to review in considering the petition.
  4. A complete Petition Application for Certification.
  5. A certified check or money order for $400 or a receipt showing that an online payment has been completed in the Online Payment Portal.
    Please select the $400 “Processing Petitions for Reinstatement/ Reconsideration Application” option when paying online.

For more information and detailed instructions, please download the How Do I Petition for Reinstatement or Reconsideration? document. 

Additionally, you will need to download the Petition Acknowledgement Form and the Petition Application Form

The Georgia POST Data Gateway has three access roles for individuals in an agency:

  1. Officer – Minimum user rights. Officer level users only have access to their own information. 
  2. Agency User – Increased user rights for the agency’s needs. The Agency User level can enter applications, set up training classes, and run agency reports. 
  3. Agency Administrator – Full agency rights. The Agency Administrator will be able to assign agency user roles, change passwords for agency members, process officer changes of status (C11), perform audits, and run agency reports. Additionally, the Agency Administrator has signature authority for the Agency Head in the POST Data Gateway. 

Agency Heads are automatically assigned the Agency Administrator role in the POST Data Gateway. The Agency Head can designate as many Agency Administrators as desired. 

Agency Heads and Agency Administrators can assign any role to members of their agency in the Gateway. Agency Heads and Agency Administrators can also add non-certified personnel as users within their agency. For detailed instructions, download How do I assign agency roles in the POST Data Gateway?.

Agency Heads will need to remember to remove any Agency Administrators or Agency Users when those individuals no longer work for the agency. POST recommends adding this step to the agency’s checkout list for when officers/employees leave the agency. 

For new agencies with no current administrators of any type, the Agency Head must complete and submit the Agency Administrator Designation form. The individual being designated as the Agency Administrator must have an active POST Data Gateway account.

The Agency Administrator Designation form can be submitted by: 

  • Fax: (770) 732-5952 or
  • Email:

The Change of Status, or C11 as it is commonly known, allows Agency Administrators to add existing officers to the agency roster, report changes in rank/status, and remove officers from the agency roster.

NOTE: Only Agency Administrators can process C11s.

Officers who are already certified and have an existing POST Data Gateway account can be added by C11. Do not submit a C11 for new employees that are not yet certified. These uncertified new employees will be added to your roster when their certification application to attend a basic course is approved.

To submit a change of status:

  1. Log into the POST Data Gateway and click Officers from the top menu.
  2. Select your Search Purpose from the dropdown menu to identify which type of officer you are working with. Work with Employees allows you to select from officers already on your roster. Work with Other Officers allows you to add outside certified officers to your roster.
  3. Enter the officer’s identifying information. Social Security Number and Date of Birth must be used for officers not already on your roster.
  4. Select the Demographics button next to the correct officer.
  5. Scroll down to the officer’s Employment History and click New C11.
  6. Enter all required information and click Confirm Addition.

For detailed instructions, download How Do I Process a Change of Status (C11)?

Instructors, Academy Users, Academy Administrators, Agency Users, and Agency Administrators have access to the Gateway Training functions. Under the Training tab, these users will be able to work with training classes, view Low THC Oil Registry training materials, view course code and course description lists, view required courses for advanced certifications, and process training classes using a C12 form file.

To create and process a training roster:

  1. Log into the POST Data Gateway and click Training from the top menu.
  2. Click Training Class.
  3. Click Add A Training Class. 
  4. Select the Training Class Category from the dropdown menu and click Search.
  5. Select the Topic from the dropdown menu and click Search.
  6. Select the Sub Topic from the dropdown menu and click Search.
  7. Click the Select button next to the course description. 
  8. Fill out the Training Class information, paying close attention to the required fields. Click Confirm Addition.
  9. Review all information and click Modify Class if you need to correct anything.
  10. Upload your sign-in roster and other documents, such as the agenda or syllabus. Do NOT attempt to upload the course materials, such as the lesson plan or PowerPoint.
  11. Click Modify Instructors to add instructors. You will be able to select a Primary Instructor and a Secondary Instructor. The selected instructors are the only individuals that can Complete the class in the Gateway.
  12. Click Find Instructor.
  13. Enter the Certified Instructor’s identifying information and click Search.
  14. Locate the correct instructor and click Select as Primary or Secondary.
  15. Click Return to Class.
  16. Click Modify Students to add students to the class roster. 
  17. You can Search Students by their identifying information, Select Students from an agency roster, or bulk upload students using the Import Roster option.
  18. Only the Primary and Secondary Instructors will have access to the Complete Class button. The instructor will log into the Gateway, confirm the roster is correct, and then click Complete Class. The instruction will then click Confirm Completion to finalize the class.

For more details and instructions on using a C12 File to process a training class, download the How do I work with Training in the POST Data Gateway? document.

The easiest way to find an application that has already been started is to look for it on the officer’s Demographics page.

If you are an officer looking for your own application:

  1. Log into the POST Data Gateway.
  2. Click Demographics at the top.
  3. Scroll down and click the Application button for the application you are looking for.

If you are an Agency Admin looking for another officer’s application:

  1. Log into the POST Data Gateway.
  2. Click Officers at the top. 
  3. Search for the officer.
  4. Click the Demographics button next to the correct officer. 
  5. Scroll down and click the Application button for the application you are looking for. 

If your application has errors or the person processing your request needs more information, you will receive an email notification that your application has been placed in an Awaiting Corrections status.

To make these corrections:

  1. Log into the POST Data Gateway.
  2. Click on Demographic to pull up your POST record.
  3. Scroll down to the correct Applications for Certification section and click on the Application button.
  4. Click on Approval Information in the left side menu to see comments regarding what needs to be corrected or answered. Make any needed corrections to your application. Answer questions in the Action field and click the Add Record button.
  5. Click Attestation in the left side menu to reattest your application.
  6. Notify your agency administrator that your application is ready for them to reattest.
    • If you are not currently employed, contact the POST Council Help Desk at 770-732-5604 or to complete the Agency Attestation.
  7. Once your Candidate Attestation and Agency Attestation has been completed, your application will be returned to processing. You will be notified if your application has been approved.

For further guidance, download How Do I Correct My Application