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Operations Division

The Operations Division is responsible for the functions related to regulation, evaluation and management of peace officer training, as well as records management, hearings, and probation. Major responsibilities include:

  • Open Records Requests
  • Probation monitoring
  • Pre-hearing Conferences
  • OSAH Hearing Requests
  • POST Academy Audits
  • Uniform Law Enforcement Academy Regulations updates

Peace Officer Records

POST’s Records Section maintains the following records on the POST Data Gateway:

  • Personnel history
  • Training Records
  • Employment History
  • Officer Certifications
  • Officer Registrations
  • Revocations
  • Suspensions
  • Terminations
  • Training Courses
  • Agencies
  • Chief Executives
  • Advanced Certification Records
  • Sheriffs’, Wardens’ and Chiefs’ Current Training Histories
  • Other Miscellaneous Records

POST maintains Employment, Certification, Disciplinary and Training records on over 235,000 active and inactive officers.

Administrative Hearings

A Self Help Guide for Georgia’s Peace Officers

Officers are entitled to challenge sanctions imposed by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. This information is intended to assist officers in this process by providing information relevant to an Administrative Hearing.

For Officers contesting sanctions or other issues related to their Peace Officer Certification, it is suggested and encouraged that knowledge in the following be attained:

Rules of the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (Rule 464 published 1998 in the Office of the Secretary of State) Specifically Rule 464-8 as amended. (O.C.G.A. 35-8-7.1 and 35-8-7.2)

Rules of the Office of State Administrative Hearings (Rule 616 published 1995 in the Office of the Secretary of State) O.C.G.A. 50-13 as amended (The Georgia Administrative Procedure Act)

The POST Hearing Process

The Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council has discretionary authority by law to discipline all peace officers, jailers, and communications officers. Disciplinary action is taken in the form of sanctions against an officer’s certification. Action is based on the preponderance of evidence that conduct was exhibited which is deemed to be in violation of the Georgia POST Act (O.C.G.A. 35-8 as amended). Sanctions ranging from reprimands to revocation are imposed based on the severity of the offense. Due process is afforded those sanctioned through an administrative hearing.

Terms and Definitions

Prehearing Conference

A Prehearing Conference may be requested by the affected officer following the initial recommendation of the Probable Cause Committee in order to dispute a proposed sanction. The officer will be required to appear at POST and present any mitigating evidence to the Hearing Officer, who may recommend to Full Council an amended sanction. The Council may elect to accept or refuse the amended sanction.

Following the Full Council vote, an officer who still disputes the sanction levied by Council can request a formal hearing through the Office of State Administrative Hearings (OSAH). The Administrative Law Judge will normally render a decision within 30 days of the hearing. When the decision of the Law Judge differs from the proposed action of POST it is referred to as the Initial Decision.

Final Decision

If the decision of the Administrative Law Judge is the same as the proposed action of POST, the decision is Final, subject to appeal in Superior Court.

Final Agency Review

When the decision of the Administrative Law Judge differs from the proposed action of the Council, a review of the Hearing Record is conducted by POST. When this occurs, an officer and/or his legal representative is required to present his or her case to Full Council for Final Action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to retain the services of an attorney?

Whether or not you want an attorney to represent you is entirely up to you. You have the right to legal counsel, at your expense.

Is the Georgia POST Council represented by an attorney?

Yes. As an entity of State Government, POST is represented by a staff member of the Georgia Attorney General’s Office.

Operations Division Staff

Staff MemberTitleEmail (add Number
Julie BradleyDirectorjabradley(404) 304-1331
Renee ShawHearings Officerrshaw(404) 491-5175
Patricia SmithHearings Officerpsmith(470) 583-5185
Lara HollisterOperations Analystlhollister(470) 707-2455
Jill DalonRecords Custodianjdalon(470) 707-2462
Danny SmithAuditordbsmith(404) 304-1390
Christie NerbonneAuditorcnerbonne(470) 716-2543
Jeff GordyAuditorjgordy(770) 686-5378
Lisa WellsAuditorlwells(404) 803-4992