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Fee Schedule

Agency Address Listing Publication65
Application Processing: Pre-Service Applicants30
Application Processing: Private or Non-Governmental Agencies30
Basic Certification Application Processing30
First Training Waiver Processing Fee200
Office of State Administrative Hearings (OSAH) Fee400
Official Officer Profile Transcript (Certified)5
Petition to Council for 2nd Waiver of the 20 Hour Annual Training Requirement400
Petitions for Waiver of P.O.S.T. Rules350
Pre-Hearing Conference Fee100
Probation Monitoring Fee 12 Months120
Probation Monitoring Fee 18 Months180
Probation Monitoring Fee 24 Months240
Probation Monitoring Fee 36 Months360
Probation Monitoring Fee 48 Months480
Probation Monitoring Fee 60 Months600
Processing Petitions for Reinstatement/ Reconsideration Application400
Rush Processing Fee – Applies only to Certification Applications50
Online Payment Portal Convenience Fee2